All for the Arts!

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*support a contributor/department of your choosing*
*printed acknowledgement of your support*
*4 editions by standard post*

Gippslandia is proudly created for you by a vast array of talented local writers, photographers, illustrators, painters and designers. All these wonderful creatives (largely) donate their time and efforts to contributing to on-going Gippsland cause.

With this subscription, you can nominate a particular Gippslandia contributor or artist, or a specific department, for example, The Art Department. Your support will go directly to the artists. Allowing them to commit more time and energy into creating amazing work. Given substantial support, Gippslandia could expand the number of pages allocated to a department. Heck, your support could facilitate the creation of the stories you want to see – we’re always open to suggestions.

If you have a massive heart and want to see the Gippslandia collective thrive, then this is the subscription for you.

More than just supporting an artist, we'll ensure you get four editions (one year) delivered via standard post + a personal ‘thank you’ presented in the section you’ve supported.