This subscription is the business, for businesses. If you're here, you've likely reviewed our 'papers please' subscription, that's a good one but this one, well... it's the business. In subscribing you'll get your businesses added on our page as a distributor, with a link back to your website (*cough* reputable backlinks, look them up *cough*), you'll get your papers (derrr!) and when they arrive, if you post about them on social media, we'll be sure to follow your page and share your post to encourage readers to come grab a copy (and spend a loot/make an appointment etc whilst they're there). Additionally, if you've got a special event on in your business we're happy to give it a share (up to 2 per year - so we don't saturate).

If you look for it, you'll also find your business name listed in our publication as a business supporting Gippslandia.

This is a beautiful partnership between businesses supporting businesses to grow and flourish.

If you're wanting more and you're looking to advertise - our premium partners get their choice the below, just for signing up!